“Very Friendly Fine Dining”

Reviewed 29 July 2015 Service is quite casual but efficient and very effective. Meals are very good. The smell of pizza cooking in a sit down restaurant is always somewhat different and better smelling. Their pastas were brilliant. I strongly recommend their version of garlic bread. This was worth a visit as a family get together just before Xmas. Source: Trip Advisor

“Wonderful Service, Food and Genuine Hospitality”

Reviewed 27 July 2015 A regular visitor to this restaurant always brings an absolute joy to dining. Allergies and favourite foods are catered for with a minimum of fuss. The excellent presnetation and followup re any possible needs is a top down approach from the Managers/s to staff. The Veal Masala, prawn cocktails (prawns cooked fresh on the premises) and Source: Trip Advisor

“one of the best!”

Reviewed 27 June 2015 Very good food and large portions at a very nice restaurant, a definitely my favorite !! could have the best prices but well worth the visit Source: Trip Advisor

“if you want a good meal go”

Reviewed 23 April 2015 Meals good size kids menu adults lovely menu and good size plates no shorty of food on plates, 4 visits and will be back next week keep up the good service Source: Trip Advisor

“Very nice restaurant”

Reviewed 26 March 2015 I didn’t find anything i disliked – very friendly staff helpful and lovely food and plenty of to choose from – meals were a good size you didn’t really need a desert though they looked lovely also Visited March 2015 Source: Trip Advisor


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