“Very Friendly Fine Dining”

Reviewed 29 July 2015 Service is quite casual but efficient and very effective. Meals are very good. The smell of pizza cooking in a sit down restaurant is always somewhat different and better smelling. Their pastas were brilliant. I strongly recommend their version of garlic bread. This was worth a visit as a family get together just before Xmas. Source: Trip Advisor

“Wonderful Service, Food and Genuine Hospitality”

Reviewed 27 July 2015 A regular visitor to this restaurant always brings an absolute joy to dining. Allergies and favourite foods are catered for with a minimum of fuss. The excellent presnetation and followup re any possible needs is a top down approach from the Managers/s to staff. The Veal Masala, prawn cocktails (prawns cooked fresh on the premises) and Source: Trip Advisor

“Some of the absolute BEST food I have had in a very LONG time.”

Reviewed in  2018 On the way in, I was hit with the beautiful scent of their pizza. It reminded me of an old time, classic Italian Pizza restaurant. It easily set the scene for the evening.
The food was mouth watering, eyes rolling into the back of your head kind of good. I do not think I have enjoyed a meal that much in quite a while. Food came out hot and fresh, quickly, and with absolutely amazing taste combinations. All four meals purchased were 10/10. The one downfall was in our bowl of fries – they were slightly overcooked, giving them ‘that’ taste, but otherwise they were very good too. Source: Google Review

“The nicest and friendliest staff”

Reviewed in 2018 Fast serving, extremely understanding of any changes we wanted to make (we have a vegetarian, and picky eaters in our group). They even notified all the customers, individually, of the last coffee call and asked if we wanted anything. Source: Google Review

“Very nice restaurant”

Reviewed 26 March 2015 I didn’t find anything i disliked – very friendly staff helpful and lovely food and plenty of to choose from – meals were a good size you didn’t really need a desert though they looked lovely also Visited March 2015 Source: Trip Advisor


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