Specialising in Italian Cuisine – Jetty’s Pasta

Specialising in Italian Cuisine – Jetty’s Pasta is made from the finest Italian ingredients. (Add cornered pasta image)

Choose from Spaghetti, Fettucini, Tortellini, Gnocchi, Penne and then choose your sauce – with 21 to pick from.

From the famous Napolitana to some lesser known Italian sauces, like our Mama Mia or Valentino!

Plus Kids get to order from our Kids menu.

Jetty’s Pasta is perfect for the whole family.

Very Friendly Fine Dining – Meals are very good, the smell of pizza cooking is a sit down restaurant is always somewhat different and better smelling. Their pastas were brilliant. I strongly recommend their version of garlic bread. This was worth a visits as a family get together just before Xmas.

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Wonderful Service, Food and Genuine Hospitality – A regular visitor to this restaurant always brings an absolute joy to dining. Allergies and favourite foods are catered for with a minimum of fuss. The excellent presnetation and followup re any possible needs is a top down approach from the Managers/s to staff. The Veal Masala,

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one of the best! – Very good food and large portions at a very nice restaurant, a definitely my favorite !! could have the best prices but well worth the visit

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